Greater Bandwidth

Only a pure fiber-optic network can deliver the kind of Internet experience your family needs. Optical fiber performance is not limited by aging wires, proprietary modems, or shared bandwidth. It's simply the best service available. With PES Energize, the world-wide-wait is over!  Join the state-of-the-art with a PES Energize Internet package.

Residential Internet Bronze


Get our basic Internet access for an amazing price. Experience the world-wide-web in a whole new way with this affordable package that cuts no corners when it comes to speed. Also, enjoy Energize email with web access, POP, and IMAP support.

Residential Internet Silver


Want More? Try our Internet Silver package with even faster speeds. Take advantage of Pulaski's fiber-optic bounty and push your computer to keep up.

Residential Internet Gold


Satisfied only with the best? Push the limits of the Web with the fastest package we offer. For the true power user who needs it all!

Internet Speed Test

With PES Energize, you have access to the fastest Internet connection around.  How fast is your connection?  Use the PES Energize speed test to find out.