Charlotte Hughes

Beethoven said that music can change the world, and Charlotte Hughes is attuned to that philosophy. As organist and assistant choir director at her church, she knows that every time voices and instrument converge to make beautiful music, the world is a little sweeter.

In her work world, Charlotte has been Administrative Assistant to the President/CEO of PES for many years. Being in the center of it all, she has seen lots of changes in that time.  But nothing as “grandioso” as PES Energize.

The first communications system in the region to provide 100% fiber-optic connections directly to home and business is owned and operated by PES.

The PES Energize “team” are your friends and neighbors.  Revenues will stay in Pulaski. And it keeps getting better. PES Energize also brings you lower prices, greater bandwidth and superior reliability.

Charlotte knows the world-wide-wait is over . . . and that is music to her ears.

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